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SIMPSY Voice is a product of SIMPSY LLP offering system to support business call centre. It is aim to provide affordable call rates and low subscription fee to support businesses in offshoring or outsourcing customer support.

Calls Tracking

Monitor your agents live. Review calls made by them for dispute. All calls are auto recorded.

International Presence

Establish international presence with local numbers as you market your business in different country. For more details, refer here

CRM Integrated

Integrated with a CRM. Turning numeric phone numbers into prospect/client names. Allow agents to record every interaction with prospect/client.

Eliminate Boundaries

Pick up incoming calls from anywhere or make outgoing calls to anywhere without expensive international calls rate.


We have the right package for your business
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  • 1 Agent
    additional additional @$5.90
  • 1 GB Storage
    for Call Storage
  • Integrated CRM
    @ additional $10
  • Additional Storage
    @$10 per GB


Large Enterprise



  • 20 Agent
    additional additional @$3.90
  • 10 GB Storage
    for Call Storage
  • Integrated CRM Included

  • Additional Storage
    @$5 per GB

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